What to do before getting a sunless tan?


Sun-kissed tan goes perfectly with any outfit and on any occasion. There is some charm in toffee-coloured-complexion that women and men from around the globe yearn to tan. Basking under the sun is one of the easiest ways to get tanned. However, sun tanning has its shortcomings. Firstly, baking under the sun is not convenient for all.

Moreover, uncontrolled exposure to sunlight can permanently damage the skin cells and even cause skin cancer. Thankfully, advancements in technology have gifted the beauty industry with tanning techniques that don’t require one to step out in the sun. Automated spray tan booth and spray tanning methods are growing in popularity as a safer alternative for sun tanning.

In particular, spray tanning offers a great way to achieve a flawless tan that is even and natural-looking. While it’s true that spray tanning is easy to do, one should take the necessary steps to prevent tanning mishaps. If not done right, a spray tan can result in streaks, irregular tan patches, and stains.

In this blog, we have broken down a few steps that one should follow before going for a spray tanning session.

Proper exfoliation is a must. 

Before visiting any spas in HamptonRoads, make sure you have prepared your body for the process. Scrubbing and exfoliating your skin is a must-do before any spray tan service. Here is why scrubbing is essential. Our skin is made up of numerous skin cells. Each minute, countless skin cells die to make way for new cells. While some dead skin cells are sought off from the surface, some remain. These dead skin cells can prevent the spray tan solution from seeping into the skin cells. This may lead to uneven or unnatural-looking tan. A good scrubbing and exfoliation ritual before tanning ensures all the dead skin cells from the surface washes off. Exfoliation also opens the pores on the skin that allows better penetration of the tan solution.

Say no to wax or shave.

While exfoliating the skin before spray tanning is essential, one must not shave or wax one body. Waxing and shaving often leave the skin bruised or sensitive. Tanning sensitive skin can lead to further skin irritation or damage. Similarly, waxing or shaving after tanning can prevent the tan solution to develop on the skin properly. The general rule says that one should avoid shaving or waxing 24hours before and after tanning.

Don’t moisturize your skin.

This may come as a shock for some as moisturizing the skin is an essential beauty regime. When it comes to tanning, moisturizing the skin can prevent the tan solution from seeping into the skin cells and developing correctly. If you wish to avoid uneven tan patches, don’t apply any lotion or moisturizer before spray tanning.

Choose the right shade.

One can choose from a wide range of tanning products and shades. The key to achieving a natural-looking tan is choosing a tan shade that compliments your skin tone. Make sure you take a patch test before trying any new product or color. This will help you avoid skin irritation or awkward tan. …